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The hijinks from criminals never cease to amaze and mesmerize those that are watching things unfold on surveillance video as that video catches every one of their bizarre actions. One of the latest events involving some crazed criminals took place in Amarillo, Texas at a liquor store.

The Party Stop in Amarillo was ground zero for a smash-and-grab event last month that starred a rather bizarre character.

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The liquor stores' surveillance cameras caught the moments that a stolen pickup truck rammed into the storefront around 3:45 a.m. causing thousands of dollars in damage. After breaching the building, two occupants of the stolen truck emerged and began rummaging through the liquor store to pick out some of their favorite spirits. What was odd is that one guy was dressed in what appeared to be a 'dog or reindeer' costume. You know, one of those onesies type of costumes.

It appears as if his Halloween costume or mall Santa helper outfit from last year has helped him and two of his buddies pull off a liquor heist. There was a third person involved, but they remained in the vehicle. After the mismatched pair collected what they wanted from the store shelves they took off in the stolen truck and then later abandoned it. Police were able to eventually recover the abandoned stolen vehicle.

Check out pictures of the 'dog/reindeer costume' burglar thanks to KATV. Now Amarillo Police are offering up to a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the 'Dog / Reindeer Costumed Liquor Store Bandit' and their two accomplices when information is provided through their crime tip line at 806.374.4400 or online.

It's sad to say, but criminals will always amaze us with their antics.

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