Police chases are a fascinating watch. You really have to wonder what's in that person's head to make them want to run from the police. Modern technology makes it less likely that the person being chased can get away. A majority of the time, someone is trying to get away because of a bad deed that was just committed. This story out of Houston, Texas doesn't involve a bad deed but more of a medical emergency as police are describing it.

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Stole a Car Then an Ambulance

An unidentified man, in what police are calling a medical crisis, stole a woman's car from a Kroger gas station in Houston. The man then drove to Houston Fire Station No.17 where he was able to take an ambulance there that still had the keys in the ignition. The man then drove the ambulance around for about an hour.

We were not able to consistently pinpoint where it was. - Houston Fire Department Chief Rodney West

The ambulance's GPS was not working so authorities were not able to track the man's movements. A police helicopter was able to locate the stolen ambulance and continued to follow until police on the ground could catch up. Once police caught up, a chase ensued.

Police Chase

Police chased the man for about an hour before deploying spike strips that stopped the ambulance. The man jumped out of the vehicle and took off on foot only to be caught a short time later.


One person's vehicle was hit by the man before police caught up to him but that driver did not suffer any injuries and there wasn't significant damage done to his vehicle (KHOU). The man is expected to face auto theft and felony evading charges.

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