Dallas police are investigating a bizarre incident that happened early Wednesday morning [Sept. 5) after Michael Chadwick Fry, 34, rammed his truck into the Fox 4 News building, then got out and began a rant before he was placed into police custody.

Fox 4 News anchor Hannah Battah captured part of the scene in a live Facebook post after police evacuated the building upon finding a bag that Fry left nearby.

Fox 4 News,

A picture of the flyer shows Fry's handwriting that includes accusations that he was the target in the 2012 incident and included an article from another Dallas TV station, WFAA. According to WFAA, the article referenced an officer-involved shooting where the driver, Roberto Carlos Hernandez, was shot and killed after ramming a police cruiser. Fry was a passenger in Hernandez's car. WFAA President & General Manager Brad Ramsey issued a statement in response to the article and the incident from Wednesday morning:

WFAA covered the shooting in October 2012 as depicted in the printout left at the scene, and we stand by the facts in the original article. Our thoughts are with our colleagues at FOX 4 today.

Fox 4 News stated