Little did I know when I started working out on Monday March 28, I would become addicted to P90x3, but I think I'm there.

Looking back on the past three weeks, I've been fairly consistent. The first week I worked out five out of seven days. Week 2, I managed to get five of the P90X workouts in, and that Monday I substituted by doing 30 minutes at a high incline on the treadmill. That night I had missed my regularly scheduled work out time with my friend. Week 3, I encountered a work conflict on Monday, and Thursday a stomach bug prevented me from getting 'The Challenge' in.

In the first month, I have found that the workouts are challenging, but I'm looking forward to them. The first couple of weeks I was really sore, and hurt the next day, but now I'm feeling energized and have just a twinge of soreness.

Yesterday was my first time to do the Isometrix workout, and I totally fell over during the 'Bound Dog Leg Lift,' but I got back up and tried again. I have found that there are some things I'm not ready for yet, but I just keep trying. Maybe I'm 'The Little DJ that Could' when it comes to P90X3.

The Dynamix workout that I did this morning was great. It was mostly stretching, and I felt great after! Tomorrow is the 'Accelerator,' and I already have mixed emotions about what that may be like, but I'll be up bright and early at least making an attempt!

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