UPDATE:  Terry Lynn Wright of Oregon has been arrested again in the Galveston - Houston area.  This time in Texas City.  She entered an Office Depot and refused to wear a mask in accordance with the stores' policy.  Texas City police were called to the scene where officers recognized her from the Galveston incident last week.

Officers arrested her for her refusal to wear a mask and on an outstanding warrant from Galveston police in relation to her previous arrest.  KHOU reports that no additional charges are being filed against her stemming from the Texas City incident.



This happened the day after Texas lifted its mandatory mask mandate last week.

I just happened to see this on the local news when I was in Galveston last week. I was watching the news Friday night and it showed a woman being arrested in a bank for not wearing a mask. She apparently went in to the Bank of America to take care of some of her banking needs and didn't follow the request of bank representatives. Apparently, it is still the policy of Bank of America that customers must wear a mask while in their bank.

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She was asked by a bank manager to wear a mask and she declined. After being asked to leave, she remained in line and that's when the bank manager called the Galveston Police Department. Upon arrival, you can see in the body cam footage below that the officer was talking to the woman letting her know that she needed to wear a mask while in the bank and she continued to argue with the officer and refused. He said that she could go to her vehicle get a mask and return to do her business and she refused.

The officer asked the woman to leave the premises or she would be arrested for trespassing in a private business and not complying with their policies. She refused and replies with, "That's hilarious." That's when things began to escalate in the bank branch. The Galveston police officer attempted to handcuff the woman and he ended up taking her down to the ground to get the cuffs on her.

The woman was identified as 65 year old Terry White by KTRK ABC 13 Houston and during her interview with them she said she was 'very opposed' to wearing a mask and thought the whole pandemic thing was fake.

I'm not exactly sure where she's been living for the past year, but the pandemic is a real thing. Millions have been sickened by the virus world wide and over a half a million American's have died from it so far.

The lesson that could be taught here is ... if a business requires you to wear a mask while in their establishment, go ahead and abide by the request, wear a mask. It's not going to hurt you, in fact, it could help save your life and not be arrested too.

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