Remember the days of a tanned, shirtless Matthew McConaughey? How about the suave bearded McConaughey at the Oscars? We regret to inform you that such things exist only in the past.

Prepare yourselves for a very new, shocking level of the McConaissance: the balding, paunchy, yellow teeth McConaughey.

Wait, what?

We know, it’s a lot to take in.


That is officially what McConaughey looks like in his new film Gold. Photos from the set of the movie surfaced online Monday morning, revealing that the actor has clearly undergone a drastic physical transformation for the role (and that somebody really wants a second Oscar.)

In the film McConaughey gets an itch for treasure hunting yet again, but this time sans Kate Hudson. Directed Stephen Gaghan (Traffic), Gold follows McConaughey as Kenny Wells, a struggling businessman who joins Edgar Ramirez’s geologist to hunt for gold in the Indonesian Jungle. Entertainment Weekly debuted the first official photo of the two actors in the film last week, but the portrait view didn’t give us a full look at the McConsformation. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll eventually get the old McConaughey back. Because time is a flat circle. (Right?)

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