Due to a shortage of workers in processing plants, the price of beef and other meats has skyrocketed. Just here in Shreveport-Bossier there are reports of ground beef selling for up to 10 dollars a pound in bulk.

After finding this out, I can only wonder what this price-hike will look like on our restaurant menus at a time when local eateries are already suffering, and lots of patrons are finding themselves unemployed.

The price jump was caused by processing plants closing down, due to no having enough workers to run them after stay-at-home orders were implemented. There is certainly no shortage of livestock, but if there is nobody to process that livestock, the shortages start happening in stores, and as a result, the prices go up.

Some stores have already begun implementing purchase-limits on their meat supplies, and prices have jumped upward about 20 percent.

While some plants are revving back up and having employees return to work, a major gap in the supply chain is still threatening grocery store and restaurant supplies. Another threat to the supply, is that some workers are refusing to return to work at the plants or quitting all together, due to fears of contracting COVID-19 from their co-workers.

I myself have seen posts on Facebook from local restaurant owners worried about how this hike in prices will take when the extra cost is added to their menu items. It seems even though things are opening up and becoming more relaxed, our troubles with this pandemic are far from over.


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