Imagine what your reaction would be if you received a call saying you were going to get to go to Walt Disney World with Kidd's Kids. Now take that reaction in your mind and multiply it a thousand times and add in the excitement of a 12-year-old little girl and you would see a very excited young lady by the name of Braely!

Braely is among the 50 or so kids who have been selected to go on a trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World in Florida next month with Kidd's Kids. This trip is for children that have a chronic or terminal illness along with their immediate family where everything on the trip is paid for. Braely will get to experience Walt Disney World in a special way. She will get special access and admission to any park that she wants to visit all compliments of the listeners of Kidd Kraddcick in the Morning.

Braely is 12 years old and was nominated for the trip because she has a condition known as Coarctation of the Aorta and SubAortic Stenosis. Braely has had three major surgeries (two of them being open heart surgeries) and three cardiac caths during her young life with the possibly of another surgery when she returns from the trip.

After receiving the news, Braely was really excited about the trip until she found out she had to fly, but now she wants the window seat! After talking with her mom, Carley, I learned Braely downloaded a countdown clock to both her and her mom's phone counting down the days, hours and minutes that are left to go to Disney!

We asked Braely and her mom a few questions about the upcoming trip:

What is your favorite park in Walt Disney World? Magic Kingdom

Who is your favorite Disney character? Looking forward to seeing the princesses along with Mickey and Minnie

What roller coaster or ride are you looking forward to riding? Splash Mountain

What shows are you looking forward to seeing? Captain Jack Sparrow & daily parade.

Why is the Kidd’s Kids trip to Walt Disney world so important to you and your family? With medical costs and every day life we couldn't afford a trip like this.

What are you most looking forward to doing while you are at Walt Disney World? Just getting to go and experience everything (rides, characters & being decorated for Christmas).

What does your Kidd’s Kid want to be when they grow up? Why? Pediatric doctor to help kids like her.

If you had a chance to do anything that you wanted to do while at Walt Disney World, no matter the cost or how crazy it would be, what would you like to do? Meet and have dinner one of the Disney show celebrities.

If you could bring anything back home from Walt Disney World, what would that be? Lots of good memories of all the fun and souvenirs for me, my family and best friend.

What do you think will be the most exciting part will be while on the Kidd’s Kids trip? Just getting to go and meeting the princesses and seeing the parades every day.

Who is your favorite Disney celebrity? Bridgit Mendler.

As a parent of a Kidd’s Kids, what are some of the things you are looking forward to seeing your child do while on the Kidd’s Kids trip and why? Just having a good time and seeing all the smiles on the kids’ faces.

The Kidd's Kids trip is coming up in November and you can help make this trip possible for Braely and the other selected Kidd's Kids by participating in Kidd's Kids Day coming up next Wednesday (Oct. 23). Mix 93-1 will be set up at select area Burger Kings in Tyler and Whataburger locations in Longview from 6 to 9:30 a.m. collecting money to help send these kids on a trip of a lifetime.

Look for Mix 93-1 at the following locations during Kidd's Kids Day:

Burger King - Tyler

  • S. Broadway - across from Wagner Cadillac and broadcast anchor location
  • Hwy 31 W @ Loop 323
  • Hwy 64 E @ Loop 323
  • Hwy 110 - in front of Super 1 Foods

Whataburger - Longview

  • Spur 63 @ Hwy 80
  • 4th St @ Loop 281
  • Loop 281 @ Cotton St. (near Lear Park)