Mega Millions, it's the lottery game that has slightly better odds than the Poweball lottery and now has a jackpot worth more than a half a billion dollars! Last night's Mega Millions jackpot was worth $454 million and produced no winner.  Tuesday nights drawing (July 5, 2016) was the 34th drawing since the last jackpot payout, which was back in early March and beats the previous stretch of twenty two draws with no winners. With no one matching all the numbers, Friday night's drawing is now worth an estimated $508 million!

With a Mega Millions ticket your odds at winning the jackpot stand at one in 259 million by matching the five white balls and the yellow ball whereas in the Powerball lottery your odds are one in 292 million by matching five white balls and the red ball too.

When you play Friday's game you'll have the choice of taking the payments over time or the cash option when you win the jackpot. Going the cash option route probably wouldn't be too bad because you could be taking home around $357 million of the $508 million! There's been one other jackpot larger than the current Mega Millinos jackpot and that was back in March of 2013 when it paid out $656 million to three ticket holders!

Mega Millions drawings are held twice each week, Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 p.m.  If you play and win anything on Friday, just let us know so we can celebrate your win with you!