Video of the wild incident along I-35 in San Antonio was captured by Facebook user Adrian Lopez, which has since gone viral. reports that the San Antonio police released a report on the incident from the video that captured an 18 wheeler pushing a vehicle along I-35.  This accident was apparently a case of both drivers wanting to take possession of a travel lane and not realizing that the other was making a lane change.  As a result of the lane changes with both drivers not looking before making the change, the luxury car lost the battle against the behemoth 18 wheeler.

San Antonio police state that Leon Morris, the driver of the Mercedes

entered I-35 around 1 p.m. from North Main Avenue and merged into the second lane from left. At the same time, the semitruck merged from the left lane into the the same lane as the Mercedes and struck the car."

The following video showing the incident contains expletives and is not safe for work or small children and should be muted!

Due to the low profile of the Mercedes, the truck driver most likely didn't realize what happened initially and continued driving. However, if I were the driver of the semi, I would have noticed something because the speed of the semi had to have decreased because it was pushing something!  According to a statement from the police from,

A short time later the drive noticed something was wrong and immediately pulled over. There were no indications of any road rage and no intentional acts and the contributing factor was listed as driver inattention."

A crazy situation, but it's just another reminder that you've always got to pay attention while driving.

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