Bummer! Despite rumors, it looks like Miley Cyrus won't be replacing actor Angus T. Jones on 'Two And a Half Men.'

When Jones went on a bizarre YouTube rant dubbing the show "filth," whispers of his impending exit began to swirl. Shortly thereafter, talk of Cyrus, who guest starred as Jones' love interest, Missi, became widespread. However, a source tells 'Access Hollywood' that it's not really the case.

Still, that doesn't mean Cyrus won't be back at all. Her two episodes brought the show its highest ratings of the season, and her character is well poised for a return.

“I hope at some point I could come back and do this because it’s been a really good time," she gushed. "So I think it’s a really fun episode, and it sets up, if I ever wanted to come back here again, it would just set it up so nice.”

Even the show's star, Ashton Kutcher, agreed that Cyrus stole the show. “She walked in here from the table read and just owned it,” he said. “It might become two and a half and three quarters of a woman.”

Another reason she'd be back? Her attitude about the series is much more positive than Jones'.“This is the only kind of show that my whole family really likes,” she said. “It’s just a cool show that everybody likes and it’s kind of good for everyone, so it’s fun to be here.”

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