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  • Dogs are out and tiny teacup cows are in.
  • If you love big dogs, you will adore mini cattle.
  • Fluffy, baby, miniature cows are making their way into the Texas pet mainstream.

Cattle breeders have been quietly making tiny versions of cows for a very long time. They selectively breed and genetically shink cows, so you can have more cows on a lot less acreage.

According to falsterfarm.com outside of Dallas in Winnsboro, Texas these mini-bovines are made specifically for smaller farms. They can be used as your home-based milk machine.

They can also be kept just for fun and make for an attractive lawn ornament, that comes with an Ag Exemption. If you have a thing for non-traditional pets, a cow is the new hot pet trend in Texas.

You Don't Have To Be An Ag Girl To Love Mini Cows 

These pasture puppies are so cute that they have made their way into social media. You might have seen @minimooos TikTok account and fallen in love.


These minis are sold exclusively as pets. Though they are smaller than a regular cow, they can still grow taller than a Great Dane, while being over five times as heavy.

Massive bulls can be over 2000 lbs, but these mini cows top out around 500 lbs. They can also cost more than regular-sized cattle, starting at around $1500 each.

If you do decide to add mini cows to your modest acreage, commit to getting at least two. Cattle are herd animals and don't like being alone.

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