October 4th in Kansas City, OK, Baby Lisa was reported missing by her father, Jeremy Irwin, who came home from work to unlocked doors, lights on and a window disturbed.

During an interview with NBC, Deborah Bradley, mother of missing Baby Lisa, told NBC
"she is afraid she will be arrested. Police have accused her of killing Lisa, she said, and told her that she failed a lie detector test, with deception indicated when she was asked where Lisa was."

  • MO. Mom Drinking When Baby Disappeared

    Weeks after reporting her child was "missing" Baby Lisa's mother reveals she had been drinking the night of the disappearance.

  • Video of Baby Lisa

    This video was released to help the public identify "Baby Lisa"

  • Police Try Breaking Into Missing Baby's Home

    Police tried to reenact the details provided by missing baby's parents -- finding flaws in the story.

  • Baby Lisa - Time Line

    The night Baby Lisa disappeared there is footage of Deborah Bradley at a store looking "normal."

  • Private Investigator Hired To Help Family With Missing Baby Lisa.

    The family's Private Investigator and Attorney request the public continue looking for the missing baby girl.

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