If you haven't heard, a movie detailing the 2011 Casey Anthony murder trial will soon becoming to a television screen near you. Lifetime confirmed that they are indeed filming a made for TV movie titled "Imperfect Justice" based on the book "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" written by prosecutor Jeff Ashton. The book will focus more on the trial and the lawyers more than Casey Anthony's life.

A rep for Lifetime confirmed that upcoming Canadian actress Holly Deveaux will be playing the part of the 26-year old Anthony. Deveaux has yet to make a name for herself in America, but after portraying the most hated woman in the country, she will surely be known. Taking the part is risky, but Deveaux beat out stars such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kristen Stewart for the part, so she must be something special.

Since the movie is not based primarily on Casey's life or what happened to baby Caylee, Holly Deveaux's part will be minor compared to the other characters in the film. "Parks And Recreation" star Rob Lowe is set to play prosecutor Jeff Ashton, Elizabeth Mitchell of "Lost" will play fellow prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick and “The Office” star Oscar Nunez will be defense attorney Jose Baez. Veteran actor Kevin Dunn also joins the cast in another risky role as George Anthony, Casey's father.

The films writer Allison Cross said that the dialogue for Anthony's character will come straight from public records and there will be no re-enactments of Casey's life and what may/may not have happened to Caylee. In a statement she said “It’s not our intention to make a movie that tries Casey Anthony for the third time. She was tried in court and she was tried by public opinion."


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