It seems like every week we have more and more stores announcing they're going out of business or closing their doors all over. Online sales have really hurt national name brand stores and it looks like the closings will continue throughout the rest of the year!

Lowes is set to close 47 North American locations as well as many others which we have listed below from USA Today...

  • Macy's: 8 Locations
  • Target: 6 Locations
  • J.Crew: 5 Locations
  • Kohl's: 4 Locations
  • Nordstrom: 3 Locations
  • Whole Foods: 1 Location
  • GNC: 233 Locations
  • Gap: 230 Locations
  • Tesla: 80 in the U.S. Locations
  • Foot Locker: 165 Locations

And that's just to name a few that have been announced so far because it doesn't take a marketing expert to see there's more on the way. Charlotte Russe has said if they're not able to find a buyer they'll be forced to close all their locations.

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