As a one-time regional competitor in UIL Spelling and Vocabulary, I can tell you that if you don't use it you lose it, and that definitely applies to spelling and grammar.

I know I was a total nerd in high school, even my parents thought that it was strange that I wanted to get up early on a Saturday morning to sit in a room with my peers and take a spelling test. They however were quite pleased when my first year of college was completely paid for.

Today a few things have changed, we're all so reliant on spell-check, myself included. Plus Google makes it far too easy to search for everything. We don't need to know how to spell when we can just search for it.

In celebration of the recent Scripps Spelling Bee, Google Trends compiled an infographic that is hilarious. They analyzed queries of 'how to spell,' and then the word searched.

In Texas, we struggle with the word Niece. That frustrating 'i' before 'e', except after 'c' and words with long 'i' - confuses us in the Lone Star State.

Those in Californina, Connecticut, Idaho and Indiana struggle with the word 'desert.' Four other states struggle with the word, 'cancelled.' Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Viginia have a tough time with that one.

Two states, Utah and Arkansas both struggle with little Irish men. They search 'how to spell leprechaun.' Main and Montana search for 'vacuum.' Wyoming natives need help with 'ornery', and one state struggles with it's own name. You guessed it, Massachusetts.

Couldn't read the tiny type on the graphic? You're in luck, the full list is below:

The full list: Alabama - Tongue; Alaska - Hawaii; Arizona - Diarrhea; Arkansas - Leprechaun; California - Desert; Colorado - Beautiful; Connecticut - Desert; Delaware - Neighbor; Florida - Tomorrow; Georgia - Appreciate; Hawaii - Boutineer; Idaho - Desert; Illinois - Appreciate; Indiana - Desert; Iowa - Maintenance; Kansas - Schedule; Kentucky - Maintenance; Louisiana - Definitely; Maine - Vacuum; Maryland - Cancelled; Massachusetts - Massachusetts; Michigan - Gray; Minnesota - Broccoli; Mississippi - Sergeant; Missouri - Pneumonia; Montana - Vacuum; Nebraska - Guarantee; Nevada - Cousin; New Hampshire - Diarrhea; New Jersey - February; New Mexico - Neighbor; New York - Beautiful; North Carolina - Pneumonia; North Dakota - Attitude; Ohio - Banana; Oklahoma - Gray; Oregon - Definitely; Pennsylvania - Cancelled; Rhode Island - Cancelled; South Carolina - Convenience; South Dakota - Gray; Tennessee - Courtesy; Texas - Niece; Utah - Leprechaun; Vermont - Possible; Virginia - Cancelled; Washington - Pneumonia; West Virginia - Giraffe; Wisconsin - Vacuum; Wyoming - Ornery

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