The mugshot of a Tyler man being held at the Smith County jail in relation to a local murder has gone viral nationwide.

Stanton Lane Pearce, 52, was arrested Thursday night after giving chase from police and crashing his truck into a wooded area.  He, alongside Laurie Perry, 56, and Rebecca Bond, 37 are accused of being connected to the murder of Luis Martinez, 62, near the Antioch Cemetery.

It's not clear from police affidavits if Pearce was involved in the shooting of Martinez but he is accused of helping Perry and Bond hide the body and attempting to destroy evidence to cover up the murder.

The mugshot was shared by Reddit user 'texasbestmostgood' initially to the "creepy" subreddit.  It then made its way to the front page of the website via the "WTF" subreddit.  Thereafter, Lane's photo began being shared on other social networks like Facebook.

More details regarding the murder, including dashcam video of Pearce's arrest can be found via our news partners, KLTV, right here.

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