They'll let you do anything on a Southwest Airline airplane. Did you guys see what one couple did at Love Field in Dallas, TX?

It's certainly something you don't see everyday, and while it's a super sweet story, a lot of us are just fine with that being the case. So this couple's pilot married them on a Southwest Airlines plane -- with one flight attendant standing in as Maid-of-Honor.

As they boarded the flight, their Pilot, Captain Gil, noticed Pam’s wedding dress and asked her about it (oh yeah, we forgot to mention: Pam and Jeremy were in full wedding attire, just for the fun of it!). Pam explained their story and joked with Captain Gil they should just get married on the flight. For the second time that week, Pam was surprised to hear the words, “Let’s do it!”
Our Flight Crew sprung into action with toilet paper streamers and a snack mix sash for Chris. Julie, one of our Flight Attendants, stood in as Pam’s Maid of Honor. A professional photographer on the flight pulled out her camera for official wedding photos. Another Passenger passed around an old notebook for the whole cabin to sign with well wishes and their seat numbers, which was given to the bride and groom as a makeshift guestbook.

You gotta admit, it's nice change of pace to the flight attendants getting attacked stories we've grown accustom to seeing the past couple of years. And it's awesome so many folks went along with it, but you know there was one person though, just sitting in the back arms folded in a huff, right?

Here's the full post from Southwest Airlines who took the time to send the newlyweds well-wishes and described the ceremony/flight as "a memorable inflight wedding neither our Employees nor Passengers are likely to forget! We can't wait to welcome you back onboard the love airline."

Would you be cool with folks getting married on your flight?

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