Imagine looking out the window of your flight and you see your plane literally breaking apart.

2024 is a Terrible Year for Boeing Planes

In my entire life, I have never cared what model plane gets me from point A to point B. I just want to get their safely, I could care less what type of plane I am on. However, I may start seeing if my flight is a Boeing because they have had several major issues this year. NPR has an amazing article on all the issues just over the past four months.

Boeing 737 Coming to Houston, Texas Makes Emergency Landing

Doors coming off, to missing parts on planes. We now have another to add to the list after this past weekend. On Sunday, a flight departing from Denver on it's way to Houston didn't even make it off the ground. During the takeoff procedure the engine cowling started tearing apart.

Southwest Airlines Issues Statement on the Incident

"Our Customers will arrive at Houston Hobby on another aircraft, approximately three hours behind schedule," Southwest said in the statement. "We apologize for the inconvenience of their delay, but place our highest priority on ultimate safety for our customers and employees."

Boeing Inspections?

After an incident with a door flying off a plane mid flight, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all Boeing 737 planes and told airlines that each Boeing 737 plane has to undergo an eight hour inspection before being allowed to fly again. If this plane just had an inspection in the past few months, maybe even weeks. Something like this should not be happening.

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The FAA has opened another investigation into this Boeing aircraft to try to determine how this happened. We will wait and see what happens with this latest case.

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