Musharaf, a student featured on Educating Yorkshire, finds a way to overcome his severe stammer and give a speech in front of his students with the help of music.

In the beginning of this video we see Mushy attempting to read aloud. When he struggles, his teacher, Mr. Burton, tries a technique he discovered while watching the 2010 film, The King's Speech.


Mr. Burton plays music for Mushy through headphones while he reads aloud with much improvement. As Bertie was in the film, Mushy was able to focus less on hearing the sound of his own voice and more on the act of speech. The scene where Bertie listens to his recording changes the course of the film.

Mush later repeats the process in front of other teachers, and then brings his peers to tears as we speaks in front of them.

Mushy's journey began with an incident that involved social media bullying, but through the
help of his teachers and his own refusal to give up he has accomplished a new milestone.

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