It's time to face the facts. There are some artists out there that are considered "not cool". If any of your friends found out about your love for certain artists, you would be embarrassed. But the thing is - all of your friends have guilty pleasures too. Although they may not admit it. Here are some artists that I'm slightly ashamed of, but that I love.

Jonas Brothers

I love anything Jonas. Old school Jonas, new Jonas, as long as it has Jonas in it. They're designated as a tweeny boy band, but I listen to them all the time.


Nelly is one of my all time favorite artists. His old stuff like 'Hot in Here' or 'Rid Wit Me' is consistently on repeat on my iPod. I grew up listening to it, and still love it.


A lot of people hate on Glee. Whether you like the show or not, those kids are talented. I have just about every Glee song on my iPod. Whether you like it or not, those kids are talented and sing some of the covers better than the original artists.

Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

I've watched the movie about eight times since it came out on DVD and bought the sound track within five minutes of it starting. I know this soundtrack word for word. If you are next to me at a red light, this is what will be playing.


Ke$ha may be kind of weird and somewhat a freak, but she makes some good music. The lyrics may not make any sense, but music is so catchy and I just can't help but dance.