My husband and I recently added two little kittens to our family.

Our older cat, Tammy, I've had for more than a dozen years. She's been my companion since I was in my early twenties. When I brought Tammy home, I brought Georgie along with her. It was so much fun to watch them romp and play together, that when we discussed getting a kitten this year, we decided to get two.

Alice and Stella are litter mates. They act like sisters, too. Sometimes they play well together. Other times they are fighting and rolling through the living room. They love to play chase, and if one of them has a toy, the other one wants it. They're pretty typical.

They also have a habit that I remember having to break Tammy and Georgie from practicing as well. They want to sleep in my laundry basket.

Thankfully, I haven't caught them in the clean basket yet. I've managed to stay on top of getting that one sorted and folded or hung up in the closet quickly.

The dirty laundry basket, however, has become a place they now like to curl up and sleep. While it's super cute, and this time I snapped a photo, before gently removing them. Next time, I'll be squirting them with a water bottle to break this habit.

I prefer finding them curled in a chair.

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

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