Yesterday afternoon I was surprised with a phone call from my wife saying "we're going to the fair tonight!" She and her friend took all the kids to the fair after they did their homework yesterday and I joined them right after work. It's something we all look forward to each year, because making the trip to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas next month isn't all that feasible.

I parked right in front of Mike Carter Field and once I opened the door, I heard the familiar sounds of the East Texas Fair; loud music, screams from the passengers on the rides and the rides themselves! Hearing the Ring Of Fire is very distinct and quite loud too when it gets going! Once I got inside and caught up with the family it seemed like the kids had worn out their armbands already but they had plenty left to do! They really loved riding the double layered mouse roller coaster, the fun slide was a big hit along with the bumper cars. Of course that wasn't all, we rode Pharaoh's Fury, Himalaya, the Tilt-O-Whirl and a ton of other rides too. However, there were a couple of rides I wouldn't get on, tow of them being that Speed ride and Freak Out!

We also took a break and some 'fair food'! It wouldn't be the fair without getting something deep fried! So from the Tyler Firefighters CARE Foundation and Turn Tyler Pink concession stand we indulged on a deep fried s'mores! It was great! However, before that we supported local businesses by eating from their concession stands and we really ate!

Don't let time slip by you because the fair is here through Sunday!