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What's Your Favorite Fair Ride?
East Texans will be getting their fill of thrills and screams on the midway this year at the East Texas State Fair! With a wide variety of rides at the fair this year, we want to know which ones are your favorites!
What's Your Favorite Fair Food?
The East Texas Fair offers up all kinds of one-of-a-kind, limited time, deliciousness for fair-goers to consume The choices seem to be unlimited with new creations coming at us each year!
Fair Food Favorites
It's fair time in East Texas! The East Texas Fair opens Friday and will run through September 28th and is packed with entertainment, rides, attractions and food and soon it'll be time for the Gilmer Yamboree too!
East Texas Fair Tickets On Sale
The countdown is on and soon I'll be able to sink my teeth into some good ole fair food and wrap by fingers around the lap bars of the rides and take in the somewhat pleasant and unpleasant smells in the agriculture building at the East Texas Fair!
What Is Your Favorite Fair Ride?
Yesterday afternoon I was surprised with a phone call from my wife saying "we're going to the fair tonight!" She and her friend took all the kids to the fair after they did their homework yesterday and I joined them right after work. It's something we all look forward to …
Lucky Larry’s Day At The East Texas Fair
Yesterday afternoon when I signed off the air, I mentioned that I would be going out to the East Texas Fair, but what I didn't realize is how much fun I would have with my daughter, wife and friends! When it comes to the fair, its usually all about the rides and food, but there's so much m…
The Most Ridiculous State Fair Foods
I just thought this was worth sharing with the kick off of our East Texas State Fair yesterday.  I found an article that lists the 10 most ridiculous fair foods around and  I am kind of proud of myself, only one thing looks good to me in this list.  Catch more after the jump.
East Texas Fall Fairs And Festivals
Just about everyone looks forward to a great East Texas fall and I if I were a bettin' man, I would say WE ALL are looking forward to it, mainly for the cooler weather.  The 100* temps we've been experiencing for the last couple of months will hopefully be a distant memory and we'…