We've seen many unprecedented things this year. Sadly, many of them have been less than positive in nature. Unless, heartbreakingly, one is referring to Covid-19 tests. Thankfully, this is one thing that's never happened before that's sure to excite some East Texas NASCAR fans.

Scheduled for May 21 through May 23 of 2021, NASCAR is heading to Austin's Circuit of the Americas. Now you have on more excuse to head down to enjoy the food, music, and culture of Austin, while also enjoying the sport so many East Texans adore. Governor Abbott also shared his hopes for the extra boost to the Texas economy.

A few "technicals" about the course? KXAN in Austin reports it's a "3.41 mile, 20-turn counterclockwise circuit, and a 2.2-mile, 15-turn short course." There's still discussion about which track they'd prefer for the event.

In case you're wondering--Yes, this means one race will be taken from Texas Motor Speedway. However, the All-Star Race will still be held there, so no worries.

Naturally, officials are keeping an eye on safety concerns and though there is some uncertainty, the hope is that by May 2021 things will have normalized to a much higher level of safety for would-be attendees.

There's still more to be discussed, of course. NASCAR and COTA will be releasing those in the near future.

Ready to make your reservation? They recommend making a deposit ASAP to make sure you get high priority to get the premium seats. It's sure to be "an experience like no other." Here's the link -----> Nascaratcota.com

(Video cred: The Iceberg's YouTube Channel)

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