As a 2-time parent, I can tell you this for sure: When you have your second child, you realize that you don't actually need half of the stuff you thought you "had to have" for your first one.

The wiper warmer sounds great in concept, but it's way more practical to pop open the room temperature package of wipes when you are in the throws of battle (AKA trying to change a baby that has suddenly turned into a miniature human tornado).  The diaper Genie gave way to a wad of Walmart plastic bags and a stronger stomach - the list goes on and on.  That's why I'm unsure if the latest invention from diaper-maker Pampers is genius or something else to go on the pile of baby product fails.

Lumi by Pampers is a brand new system designed to maintain a constant watch on your little one.  The 3 parts of Lumi work together to deliver CIA level intel on your baby in real time.  The first piece of this puzzle is a HD nanny-cam aimed at your child.  The second step is a device that attaches to specially designed diapers to detect moisture.  The smart diapers and spy cam immediately send that info to your phone.  The 3rd is an app that brings it all together.

The app tracks every measured point of data to help you determine a schedule off your baby's natural time to sleep, eat, poop, and pee.  This information could be extremely useful if the child gets sick, to anticipate their needs, and possibly betting (for when dad is on baby duty).

If you want the latest in infant espionage, it will cost you.  The starter kit that contains the camera, sensor, and 10 days worth of diapers will set you back $349.00.

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