Do you love homemade pasta? I do!

A new Italian restaurant will open soon in what was once the Tyler Street Bistro in Downtown Longview prepares their own pasta. This is exciting news!

The building that once housed Tyler Street Bistro and Gerald's Martini Bar has been vacant following the death of the owner, Gerald Rodriguez in May 2017. Soon it will see new life.

According to the Longview News-Journal, Ardian Marevci, owner of Roma Italian Bistro in Shreveport, says he will open Roma’s Italian Kitchen in the space.

Marevci told the News-Journal, "I have a lot of customers in Longview, and they asked me for it." He went on to say the restaurant will feature a piano player for entertainment. He will have a license to sell beer and wine, and will feature dishes that include homemade pasta, bread and pizza.

He hopes to open in a few months.


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