The onscreen Bat-universe continues to expand. Last week, Pennyworth, that show about Batman‘s young hot butler, cast its very own young Thomas Wayne. We’ll get to see Batman’s dad in Todd Phillips‘ Joker movie as well, and thanks to some leaked set photos, we have our first look.

The Joker movie has been filming all across New York City for weeks now, and we’ve gotten loads of leaked set photos and videos of Joaquin Phoenix doing weird things – the weirdest of which is starring in this movie. He’s escaped subway riots, slipped past police while smoking a cigarette, and hung out with a clown. The latest round of set photos reveal Phoenix filming alongside Brett Cullen, who plays Thomas Wayne. Here’s the first look at the latest onscreen version of Bruce Wayne’s pops:

And here’s a video of Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck chasing after Cullen’s Wayne and taking a fall:

Cullen isn’t totally new to the Bat-verse. He had a small role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (this guy). In Phillips’ film Thomas Wayne was originally supposed to be played by Alec Baldwin, doing another version of his Donald Trump, but he soon dropped out. The film, set in the 80s, follows Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian before he turns into the Batman villain. Joker opens in theaters on October 4, 2019.

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