The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Producer Nick is a pretty responsible kind of perfect dude...most of the time.

Given that last weekend was a holiday weekend and the show had Friday off, they all actually had a four day weekend. Nick and his wife decide that with so much happening in the world right now combined with a four day weekend they thought it would be a great idea to take the family on a little outing just to get them out of the house and get them doing something a little different, because looking at the same walls day after day after day, is getting pretty repetitive.

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Close to their house there is a lake that has a beach, so they packed up the car and went to the beach with their kids. Apparently the day was great until it was almost nap time for the kids. They could tell they were getting a little cranky and decided it was time to leave. After packing everything back up and getting to the car, which seemed like a mile away, something happened.

Nick prides himself on being a responsible parent and adult, but in this case he wasn't. Find out what happened that almost ruined the family outing to the beach in the following best of segment. The story picks up around the five minute mark after a round of Beat The Bank!

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