Here is an awesome early Christmas gift for DC Comics fans. In the mid-’90s, Tim Burton came extremely close to making a film called Superman Lives, essentially taking the same approach that made his two Batman films such massive successes and applying them to the Man of Steel. Superman Lives died just before it could go into production. Its ups and downs have become the stuff of comic book legend, and were even featured a few years ago in a documentary called The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

As that film showed, pre-production on Superman Lives got so far along that its star, Nicolas Cage, even had some fittings of the costume he would have worn onscreen. The film had some grainy footage of Cage trying on his Superman suit, but the video quality wasn’t great. That, along with a few equally blurry photos, are pretty much all that we ever saw of Cage’s Superman costume — until today’s episode of DC Daily, which you can watch above.

At the end of the show, the hosts unveil Cage’s Superman costume in public for the very first time. And ... it looks kind of fantastic? Check out these stills posted on Instagram:

Cage’s Superman has long been a bit of a punchline — probably because his long hair did look a bit ... cagey in the photos we’ve seen previously. The suit itself, though, is really sharp. I love the hue of blue and I even like that curved line that carves through the chest and down into the torso, which gives you an extra almost subliminal “S” cutting through the front of the costume.

This is very cool. Is it too late to get Cage to put it on and make a movie? Hell, I’ll settle for him wearing it to a late night talk show appearance.

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