Let me preface this article by saying first off that this is about OPINION and PERSONAL tastes. We live in a time where if you don't "like" what the "majority" does, you're painted as some sort of "out cast" or a "troll" trying to start some stuff. Yesterday on social media, we indeed started some stuff when we took to social media and ask yall to comment on the following:

Now I made it perfectly clear some of the things I PERSONALLY don't want to see on my Thanksgiving table:


I don't know how ANYONE can stand to eat anything with the smell of chitterlings in the house so don't invite me over if that's on the menu.


Cranberry sauce is the most popular UNWANTED item on Thanksgiving tables according to several surveys, yet every year people INSIST on having it. Why continues to baffle me.


Sweet potato ANYTHING: Sweet potato pie, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato ice cream...I don't know if ice cream is really a thing but the fact that this "veggie" is flipped into a million different dishes at Thanksgiving keeps me not wanting to touch it.

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But when I shared my PERSONAL "dislikes' on the air, some folks took OFFENSE to MY personal tastes. One caller literally "cussed me out", while others called into defend my honor (which I appreciate) and one lady told me that she didn't want to see an East Texas staple on her table: Greenberg Turkey.

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According to a caller named Joyce from Tyler, she says that she doesn't get the hype and excitement about the famed bird that even OPRAH WINFREY herself loves and I found this news shocking to say the least since I still haven't had one. Take a listen to all the wild calls I received on this topic in the video below and chime in on our Facebook page with what YOU don't want on your table.

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