The Longview, Texas Police Department has confirmed that YES, more people ARE running red lights in East Texas as of late.

Honestly, I figured it was just me noticing that there seemed to be more people "going rogue" at intersections and just taking off through red lights. But apparently, it's a "thing."

Granted, I live near Tyler. However, seeing the confirmation from the Longview PD makes perfect sense.

I drive to work quite early in the morning--usually sometime during the 5:00 a.m. hour. That's not typically a very traffic-heavy time of day. Although I confess lately it has been more congested. But even during that early hour, over the past week, I've seen THREE people run a red light. And what's odd is that they did stop at the intersection before deciding to just go for it despite traffic laws.

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CBS 19 reports that "Longview Police issued 5x more red light citations this May and June than they did last May and June."

If you want more of the technical data, you can find it via the link above. Bottom line? Be extra careful when you're out traveling. If these drivers aren't to be deterred by what can be a pretty hefty fine or the prospect of potentially causing an accident that could seriously injure or even kill someone else--or maybe themselves--then it is up to you and me to drive more defensively than ever.

Honestly, it's not just red light infractions I've been seeing here where I live close to Tyler, TX.

Actually, I've noticed more road rage, incessant honking, and irresponsible passing from lane to lane around town. It's as if some East Texans have taken on the temper of those angry red wasps flitting about this time of year.

Have you also noticed this when you're driving around ETX? If so, lemme know about it. I'm also curious why you think we're seeing more people drive more recklessly right now? Is it the heat? General nerves or exhaustion?

Sending your insights to me at

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