Barbers, hairstylists, hairdressers, beauticians... we all have a go-to. Whether it's mom cutting your hair with a bowl over your head or your favorite stylist at a salon, this is an activity you wouldn't just let anyone perform. No, you want someone you trust and someone who is skilled. So that's why we want to pay tribute to the sculptors of our 'look' - the hairstylist.

Hair really does make a difference... | Jason Eisenberg
Hair really does make a difference... | Jason Eisenberg

Now let me just say, my hairstyle isn't much, but it makes such a big difference. All it took was the right stylist to get through to me and now I'm suave AF (jk!).

Why we're really here today is to give everyone a chance to say THANK YOU to your favorite hairdresser on National Hairstylist Appreciation Day (April 30). They work odd and long hours, deal with our sometimes-not-so-clean hair, listen to our problems and stand on their feet all day! So starting from now until Wednesday, we'll be collecting your nominations for best hairstylist/dresser/barber so we can give shout outs on the air and on our website.

We're not necessarily looking to name the best one in East Texas - they're all amazing at what they do in their own right - so we'll be reading off and highlighting at least the top 10 in East Texas.

Give your hairstylist a little credit! Nominate them below so we can let them know they are appreciated day in, day out.

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