Get your buzz on while enjoying some delicious State Fair goodies along the way.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the State Fair Bloody Mary

^This is a standard Bloody Mary at Chef Point Bar and Restaurant in Colleyville, Texas. It's actually their Texas Bacon Bloody Mary. Chef Point is known for their insanely sized Bloody Marys.

This Isn't Even the State Fair Bloody Mary, (Keep Scrolling)

^This is what they call the "Bloody Best". As you can see you will need two hands for this bad boy. Not only is this your drink, it's also your lunch. Burger, fries, shrimp, bacon. Sign me up! However, since the State Fair of Texas is opening up. Chef Point took their Bloody Mary to another level.

Check Out the State Fair Bloody Mary Below

I am legitimately shocked someone could fit all of this into a glass. Turkey leg, corndog, funnel cake, corn, caramel apple, and of course the bacon. It starts this Friday at the restaurant and runs through October 22nd. If you want the taste of the State Fair without the lines, go give this a shot. Let me know if it's worth it.

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Those are just some of the classic foods at the State Fair of Texas, but each and every year. They always have something new and exciting for you to try. Check out what's new below and let me know if you make the trip to Dallas to go try one out. Now I'm craving a Bloody Mary and I still have work to do today.

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