Oh slap is right! It is not known at this time what provoked a female fan to smack a man right across the face at a recent Detroit Lions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers football game, but I am sure we will find out. Since many videos of the incident have gone viral, Pittsburgh police have launched an investigation.

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As you will see and hear - the woman yells 'Get the f*** out'. You can hear the man say something like 'don't touch me', and what does the woman do then? She slaps him right across the face. The mans first initial reaction is to hit back, but he did not follow through. You then see the man scuffle with a man that I am assuming is with the slap happy lady.

The men are eventually separated by security. Good lord. Like I said, the exact reason for the argument is unknown, well I should say unknown to the general public. I am quite sure the man and woman involved know what happened, but I am also pretty sure that they have two very different stories.

I was at Guns N' Roses a few weeks ago at Comerica Park. I left the floor to get a drink with my boyfriend Nick, and when we returned there were people in our seats. I was like WTF? One guy actually had the nerve to say they were his seats, but yet he could not produce proof. Of course he did not have proof - they were our seats and I had the tickets to prove it. A security person kindly escorted him and his dumb friend out of our way. I did not hit them, but I did flip them off and laugh as they were led away.

I hope somebody got that on film too.

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