As times change in Texas, so do things in the state.

When more people move to the state, there's going to need to be changes after all. Roads need to be improved, more food needs to be grown, and homes need to be built. There's a lot to consider.

But the most important that some in the Lone Star State worry about? None other than the power grid handling all these new residents of the state. More Texans equals greater power demand of course.

There's always something new that is set to drain more power than one would expect. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has taken notice of one new item that may raise some eyebrows.

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ERCOT Reveals Something That Is Set To Test The Power Grid


Per The Austin Chronicle, ERCOT has revealed that by 2030, the state's demand for power will double. Currently sitting at 85 Gigawatts, estimations reveal it will 150 GW. But the reason isn't what one might think.

Rather, ERCOT has stated that mining of crypto currency will be the main reason power demands will go up. The Austin Chronicle reports the Permian Basin is where most of the mining is happening. Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, stated the followed about the revelation:

"...I’m more interested in building the grid to service customers in their homes, apartments, and normal businesses and keeping costs as low as possible for them instead of for very niche industries that have massive power demands and produce few jobs.”

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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