Many of us in Texas have worried about the state's power grid.

When the power goes out, maybe problems arise across the Lone Star State. The lights aren't able to be turned on, food in refrigerators go bad, and many simply wish for it to come back. All in all, it's a scary time.

The state's issues during times of extreme weather have been well noted. With worries about the grid growing due to the Texas heat, some have begun to look for potential solutions to problems before they happen. One new company in the Lone Star State may have found something that will help.

The company, known as Base Power, is looking to help keep the lights on, when the grid is getting pushed to its limits.

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Base Power And How They're Attempting To Help Texans


As reported by MySanAntonio, one of the founders of Base Power, Zach Dell, said this about the current state of the grid:

“We believe that the existing power grid is outdated, it's really undersized, it's poorly maintained. And this unfortunately has led to unreliable power and volatile electricity prices for homeowners in the state."

So how are they combating the issues with grid? MySA reports the Base Power will insert a battery into a Texan's home. This battery is set to activate when the Texas Power Grid is having issues. In addition, the battery will also be activated in cases of bad weather.

Per Zach Dell:

"Because we have that battery on your home, and we're charging you when the price of power is really low and we’re discharging when the price of power is really high, that helps us offer you a more reliable and lower rate on your electricity.”

Time will only tell if this grows across the state.

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