When it comes to scuba diving, Texas isn't usually the first place that comes to mind for most folks.

It's not that we don't have lakes or other swimmin' holes, diving just doesn't seem to be a big deal around the lone star state.

Despite being completely landlocked, same goes for New Mexico - they love diving.

In Texas, diving's VERY popular, even for those not near the Gulf Of Mexico. One Texas diving destination made a list of the most deadly diving spots in the USA.

Jacob's Well, located near Austin, is a great spot for swimming, picnics, family get togethers or just chillin'. It's also a cool place to scuba dive as the 2nd largest fully-submerged cave in Texas lies beneath.

That's the problem.

Those caves are numerous, interconnected and very tight which is why so many divers get trapped and die within them.

There's also a very strong undercurrent that can pull divers down.

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Yet, the divers keep coming ...

Despite the numerous deaths, thrill-seekers refuse to stay away from the dive. One local diver went so far as to install an iron grate over the entrance of one of the more dangerous caves. Shortly after the grate was put in place it was found removed, accompanied by a note scrawled on plastic that said, “You can’t keep us out.” - atlasobscura

So, if you wanna have some splashy type fun, Jacob's Well is a great place. For diving though, spelunkers beware.

NOTE: Due to super low water levels, no swimming at all is currently allowed

For updates on that, check back here.

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