Every Weekend You Can Hear The Sounds Of Lawn Equipment In Neighborhoods All Over Texas.

There's a battle quietly brewing over lawn equipment. Its a battle between NOISY  and AFFORDABLE gas powered lawn equipment versus QUIET but EXPENSIVE Electronic blowers and mowers.

Both have their own sets of advantages and considerations and one Texas city is considering paying their residents to make a choice between the two.

The city of Dallas is considering an incentive plan to get residents to buy electric lawn equipment over gas-powered varieties.

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The idea is that the city would offer either a discount or a rebate to people who purchase electric lawn equipment instead of gas-powered according to a report by Fox 4.

The incentive plan is estimated to cost the city $24 million while saving the average household $200. Environmental and noise concerns is the driving factor for asking residents to make the switch. Two years ago, the city council considered an outright ban on gas-powered lawn equipment. But in 2023, the state legislature made city bans illegal.

The City Is Considering Paying Residents Rebates.

Residents could receive a $50 rebate on electric leaf blowers and edgers, a $100 rebate on lawn mowers and a $200 rebate on riding mowers. The rebate plan would also include $25 for battery replacements.

The money for the program, which is believed to cost the city $24 Million, is already set aside for this purpose in the budget. It might include an additional $50 for people who turn in gas-powered equipment.

The full city council will vote on the plan in the coming months but would you like to see a similar plan put into action in your city?

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