Without a doubt nearly everyone can say that 2020 has been anything but normal and now someone wants to find humor in the names of current storms in the Gulf Of Mexico.

As we monitor the events that are unfolding in the Gulf Of Mexico right now, it appears as if the Texas and Louisiana coastlines are going to be pounded by not just one, but two hurricanes this week and within forty eight hours of each other. As it stands right now Hurricane Marco is expected to make landfall somewhere near New Orleans Monday evening and then track westward along the Texas coast towards Houston. Just a couple of days later Tropical Storm Laura, currently a tropical storm near Cuba, is expected to gain strength into a Category 1 or possible Category 2 hurricane and make landfall along the Deep East Texas coastline and move up through East Texas towards Shreveport.

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This meteoroligical situation is a very unique and rare too. It's been a while since two hurricanes have hit the U.S. mainland so close to each other then again it's also rare to have two storms brewing in the Gulf at the same time. The last time an event like this occurred was in the 1950's.

With so much happening in the world, someone it trying to find some humor with the names of these storms because there is a petition online at Change.org requesting the World Meteorological Organization and NOAA to change Tropical Storm Laura to Tropical Storm Polo. The online petition states:

Let’s change Hurricane Laura to Polo! We can unite Marco and Polo once and for all. After all, it is 2020. ⛈ #hurricanepolo #teampolo #marcopolo #2020

You can see some humor in naming the storms after a game that you play in the pool. Some of the comments being left as people sign the petition are saying:

  • "Because the Weather Channel will have its best ratings in YEARS!!" (Perry Wilson).
  • "Can we just have ONE funny thing this year?" (Theresa Fuller)
  • "It's 2020, why not at this point." (Daniel Lee)
  • "Marco Polo! It's a classic!" (Andria Hilow)

When the petition first went live the goal was 100 signatures. At the time of this posting there are over 2500 signatures.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Now the chances of Tropical Storm Laura changing to Tropical Storm Polo are slim to none. Atlantic basin tropical storm names are pretty much set and are a revolving list and are only changed out when they cause catastrophic damage or the storm name becomes sensitive and it is retired.

It is quite humorous though, but at the same time we need to pray for those that will be in the path of both of these storms because they are a serious threat to property and life.

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