Can you imagine working with someone for 35 years and only having one argument?

According to Vanna White of 'Wheel of Fortune' fame, she and Pat Sajak have only argued once in their history on the show together, and you'll be amazed to learn what it was over.

There are some other pretty amazing stats. Vanna White has never worn the same gown twice, and she holds a Guiness World Record for most frequent clapping.

Did you know she also once appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine? Somehow, I missed that fact until now. They also only work four day a month. Yep, they tape six shows in one day, and work four days a month. Not a bad gig.

So their only fight? It was over a hotdog. Vanna prefers to put ketchup along with mustard on her hotdog, while Pat is a mustard purist.

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