These days people are already scared. Scared of what's happening in the news, and when the next catastrophic event will occur. I think what we need more than anything is to celebrate Halloween like it's supposed to celebrated. Let's dress up like ghouls and ghosts and get out to see our neighbors this year. Being afraid to leave the house just means that all the bad guys have successfully put us in submission.

Of course there will be church, school, and independent organizations hosting safe areas for kids to gather candy and show off their costumes, but it's just not the same as having your kids ring a doorbell ready to shout "Trick or treat!" I might have gotten 10 trick or treaters last year.

If your with me, maybe start thinking of a special theme for your decorations. You can also just put all your decorations out on the lawn and and just give people the general "Halloween" vibe. Some people started doing Halloween lights, like Christmas but a lot more orange. The Spirit Halloween store is already open in the Lufkin Mall, but don't go broke because before you know it, Christmas will be here.

Have you already started coming up with fun Halloween ideas even though it's only August? We can start all new traditions, just as long as we hold on to a few of the old ones. Parties for grown ups, or kids going door to door, we're in Texas for crying out loud. Do not let the fear win. If it can be done anywhere, it can be done in the Pineywoods!

Maybe I'm wrong in all this. What is your opinion on the matter? I'm just a bit concerned "Halloween" is going to become families just taking pictures in pumpkin patches, and buying a few candy bars for their kids to stay home and eat while watching TV.

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