We have all been to our favorite steak joint, and heard the server ask us "How would you like that cooked?"

Do you like yours mooing, a little pink, or dark and crispy? Well, before you answer that, you may want to arm yourself with some newly discovered information.

Although scientists have been telling us for quite some time about the carcinogens associated with grilled meat and fish, very little has been truly established in terms of an exact cause-and-effect relationship between eating charred hamburgers and being diagnosed with cancer.

A study done back in 1999 did tie well-done meat to a higher incidence of colo-rectal cancer, and an additional study in 2010 also confirmed its link with other cancers. It isn't just our colon that is at risk however, it is also our brain!

According to New York's Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, there is even worse news for the beef lovers who like their cow well done! The over done meat contains a thing called glycotoxins, and those are a risk factor in developing age-related dementia.

Don't change your eating habits just yet, though. This was a relatively small study concentrated in a small geographic region. Much more study and evidence is needed before any real conclusions can be solidified.

It seems nowadays it doesn't matter what we eat, something is going to kill us! So if I could get a steak, baked potato, chocolate cake, and a gallon of sweet tea, that would be great. I say if I am going to die, I am going out fat and happy!


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