My brother Carlos is a stellar chef. One of my favorite things to do is be apart of his wine dinners where he does some crazy things with food. One time he made Mole Poblano ice cream. Mole is a traditional sauce often used in Mexican cuisine, with a chili and cocoa base. I remember looking at him like he was insane. MOLE ICE CREAM? Turns out it makes for delicious ice cream. So after seeing what Oscar Mayer just announced I have to say I am willing to try it.

Oscar Mayer is excited for you to try their ice cream sandwiches with unique flavors. One ice cream flavor is described as hot dog-infused with candied hot dog bits. The other ice cream is spicy mustard flavored.

French's created a mustard ice cream to serve in New York and LA for National Mustard Day.  If you want to try The "Ice Dog Sandwiches" expect them to hit the shelves at the end of this month!

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