In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Texas flooding, we've been trying to keep people in a positive state of mind, sharing all of the amazing ways we are uniting to help our fellow human beings.

Actress and Austinite Sandra Bullock donated $1 million earlier this week saying:

There are no politics in eight feet of water. There are human beings in eight feet of water.

This is a great way to explain how and why citizens and first responders are risking their lives to save the stranger next to them.

Donations from Texas sports teams have come in droves and the preseason game between Dallas and Houston tomorrow will donate all proceeds to Hurricane Harvey relief. It's truly amazing. UPDATE: the preseason game has been canceled but ticket holders can get their refund or allow it to be donated to the relief fund.

One of the latest gestures includes an 80+ boat donation from Bass Pro Shops. Reported by KENS5 San Antonio, Houston Chron and more, these boats were provided to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The retail giant is coordinating with officials, which include police as well as fire and rescue teams.

On top of the tracker boat donations, Bass Pro Shops said they will be donating $40,000 worth of relief supplies for rescue teams in the field. Good on you, Bass Pro Shops!

It's just the next story in this timeline of people helping people.

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