Another round of spring storms is disrupting travel and business across East Texas this morning.

Slow moving storms began moving into the northwestern counties of East Texas late Wednesday evening with a lot of heavy rain and lightening. The area was already under a Flash Flood Watch which turned into Flash Flood Warnings overnight. The National Weather Service also issued Severe Thunderstorm Warnings due to high winds and heavy rain. The severe weather the rolled through brought down trees, caused flooding and many power outages across the region.

Although there is a break in the heavy rainfall at the moment, we're not done with it yet. Periods of heavy rain are expected today through Friday before the whole rain event ends by Saturday afternoon.

In the wake of this round of storms, many East Texans are without power. Several school districts have delayed the start of school due to lack of power.

Many East Texas county roads are under water and are closed. Remember if you encounter a flooded roadway, TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN. If you were to drive across that flooded county road that usually has a culvert under it, you can't tell if that culvert has been washed away or not. Better just to turn around in that situation and find an alternate route.

Swift water rescues have been performed throughout the area due to rising waters.

Some area lakes have been affected by all the rainfall too. Lake Gladewater, Lake Cherokee and Lake Jacksonville have been closed to all activities due to high water levels.

Stay weather aware during this storm season and be aware of changing conditions not only in the skies, but on the road too.

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