One crime I keep seeing coming across my News Feed is shoplifting. Although stealing is dead wrong, I try to be sympathetic towards folks who commit this crime ONLY when they shoplift an item that is absolutely essential like food for example. But when you resort to stealing things like "car batteries" like this battery boosting buckaroo in Temple, TX or bottles of alcohol like the ladies I'm about to tell you about, I don't have sympathy because you don't NEED that stuff, you're just being a petty criminal and you deserve to get put on blast.

We Take You To Overton, Where Police Are Looking To Identify Two Women

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According to a post on Facebook, the Overton Police Department shared a video of a theft that took place at the Zipp's Liquor location on Commerce St. There's a lot to digest in this video and this was a very quick swipe so let's break it down shall we?

The video begins with one of the masked women talking to a store clerk while heading towards the exit.

Now to be fair, the first lady was either playing lookout or her friend told her that it was about to go down so she makes her way towards the front exit. After some lightweight banter between them, the lady in the purple shirt who is still in the aisle makes her move as soon as the clerk gets around the corner.

Before the Video Zooms In, You See The Purple Shirt Lady Grab The First Bottle

Zipp's Theft

After swiping one bottle of the view of the clerk, she goes for ANOTHER bottle. While we don't know if she made off with both bottles, she quickly "disappears" out of view of the camera and then magically reappears without any of the bottles she just took off the shelf.

Notice the time stamp...This is when she "dipped" in the aisle.

Zipp's Theft 3

Less than 10 seconds later she reappears.

zips theft

It's pretty obvious at this point based on the DIAGONAL object pointing out of her shirt that she's got what she needs, some top shelf drinks for the night. If you know either of the two, please contact Chief Bryan Pool at 903-834-3145.

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