You've seen folks in their Tesla's in Houston and Austin driving around thinking their better than rest of us because they think they are saving money. With gas prices looking the way they are, you may have been looking into purchasing an one yourself.

Well unfortunately for folks who already own these types of vehicles, the State of Texas is seeking to TAKE MONEY from you for having one.

A New Texas Law Will Go Into Effect September 1st For Folks Who Drive Electric Vehicles.

TSM Lufkin Dan Patrick
TSM Lufkin Dan Patrick

According to The Texas Tribune, state lawmakers passed Senate Bill 505, which requires electric vehicle owners to pay a fee when they register a vehicle or renew their registration. It’s being imposed because lawmakers said EV drivers weren’t paying their fair share into a fund that helps cover road construction and repairs across Texas.

This Is All About The State Getting Its Cut.

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The Tribune report says that Texas agencies estimated in a 2020 report that the state lost an average of $200 per year in federal and state gasoline tax dollars when an electric vehicle replaced a gas-fueled one. Basically, the EV cars use the same roads as gas powered cars but don't kick in their fair share so the state is leveling the field.

So the cost will be a straight up and down $200 additional fee. If you buy a new EV car, your fee will be $400 UP FRONT for 2 years of registration.

But, Don't Cancel Your Purchase Yet, There Is Some Good News...

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Texas has a limited incentive that could offset the cost of the fee. The state offers rebates of up to $2,500 for up to 2,000 new hydrogen fuel cell, electric or hybrid vehicles every two years. For more details on that program CLICK HERE.

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