We've all been invited to a child's birthday party, with that little invitation inviting us to celebrate a milestone of some kind for their special little one.

But, if I received the following invitation to this birthday party, I'd probably skip it just because of what the parents are asking for as far as gifts go!

Most of the time when I go to a birthday party I'm not sure what to get the child, so I do appreciate the thought of a few suggestions from the parents, but what this set of parents sent to their family members is a bit much.

A family member received the following email in regards to another family member's child's 1-year-old birthday party and posted it on Reddit. The email lists three specific things to get their child as a gift along with instructions for receipts and what items they do not want to receive.


Let me know how you would react if you received a birthday party invitation email like the one above. Leave me your comment in the section below.

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