Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are building quite the empire in Kansas City. Patrick is quarterbacking a very successful NFL franchise in the Kansas City Chiefs, he is part owner of Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals and part of an ownership group bringing multiple Whataburger restaurants to the Kansas City area. His wife, Brittany, has a stake in the women's Kansas City soccer team and has her own fitness brand. The couple also have a daughter and is about to welcome a new member to the family. Over the weekend, the couple gathered friends and family for a gender reveal party.

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A house full of friends and family gathered at the Mahomes' home on Sunday, June 26, to find out if 18 month old, Sterling Skye Mahomes, will be have a little sister or brother. In the video, you can hear several of the guests make their guess if the new baby will be a boy or a girl. Patrick and Brittany each guessed they were having a boy. Other guests seemed pretty sure they were having a boy, too. In the video at least, only one person guessed a girl.

Everyone gathered in the back yard. In front of a wall of pink and blue balloons stood a sign with "Baby Mahomes Boy or Girl ???" printed on it. There were no exploding footballs or soccer balls to kick into a color revealing net, Patrick and Brittany had some very simple water guns filled with blue or pink water to shoot at the sign.

Its a boy! Congratulations to Patrick and Brittany Mahomes.

Patrick was very excited. After a hug with his dad, Patrick Mahomes, Sr., and after donning a blue hoodie for pictures to celebrate the occasion, Patrick makes a b-line for the pool for a fun celebratory cannonball.

The next big guessing game will be for the new boy's name. Could we have a Patrick Mahomes III? We'll just have to wait until the new boy arrives into the world.

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